U.S. Export Controls e-赌博十大排名官方网站s (for 班.S. 十大网赌正规网址)

这个电子赌博十大排名官方网站解释了美国.S. Export Controls (耳朵, ITAR & OFAC) as they apply to companies physically located outside of the United States to include non-U.S. companies as well as parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates of U.S.的十大网赌正规网址.

United States trade control laws and 规定 impact companies that use or resell U.S.-origin products, components or technology. 美国.S. Government can impose serious penalties for U.S. 和班.S. companies that fail to comply with the extra-territorial U.S. rules to include monetary fines, a loss of U.S. Government contracts, or a complete ban from receiving any U.年代的物品. Recent 出口管制改革 (ECR) changes have made it even more important for non-U.S. companies to stay up-to-date on the 规定. These e-赌博十大排名官方网站s offer 实用 explanations and advice on what the rules are and how they impact companies outside the United States. Expect to gain from this training an in-depth understanding of what you need to do to keep your company compliant.  



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耳朵/OFAC Controls e-赌博十大排名官方网站


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Each e-赌博十大排名官方网站 purchase includes:

  • 竣工证书
  • Searchable, detailed PDF Manual
  • Optional ECoP® 赌博十大排名官方网站s/Renewals
  • Comprehensive training broken down into modules that can be started and stopped at any time
  • A supplement with the latest regulatory updates
  • 12个月的查看权限


  • U.S. companies that need to know how the U.S. rules apply to, and impact, their foreign affiliates, customers, and business partners
  • Global trade compliance personnel who have direct or indirect responsibility or concern for the activities of their non-U.S. affiliates and business partners
  • 班.S. companies that deal with U.S.的十大网赌正规网址 and their affiliates outside of the U.S.
  • 班.S. companies and governments that purchase US-origin products, components, or technology
  • Compliance and legal personnel from all of the above who seek current, 实用, 有组织的, and comprehensive instruction on the U.S. 规定, including enforcement efforts, 许可, and incorporating export compliance best practices that will help to avoid costly violations

ITAR对非美国十大网赌正规网址的管制.S. Transactions e-赌博十大排名官方网站 Modules


  • 控制的概念
  • 控制活动
  • United States Munitions List
  • Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
  • 再出口和转移
  • 美国国防文章
  • 技术数据
  • 防御服务
  • Prohibited Countries and Nationals
  • 执行


  • 许可证
  • 协议
    • TAA, MLA和DA
    • Licensees and Sublicensees
    • Dual and Third Country Nationals
    • NDA的需求
  • Supporting US Licensing Efforts
    • License支持文档
    • Information to Provide US 合作伙伴

ITAR License Free Activities

  • 北约豁免
  • Public Domain and Basic Marketing Information


  • Extra-Territorial Application
  • 代理注册
  • 前批准
  • 报告

Political, Contributions Fees and Commissions

Returning Defense Articles to the US

  • 临时进口许可证
  • 临时进口豁免
  • Notifying US 合作伙伴 of Shipments

ITAR Ramifications on 班S Business

  • Defense Articles Restrictions
  • Retransfer Approval Requirements
  • 技术数据控制
  • 控制程序


  • Considerations for Developing a Corporate Export Compliance Program
  • Types of Procedural Approaches

耳朵/OFAC 对非欧盟的管制.S. Transactions e-赌博十大排名官方网站 Modules

U简介.S. Commercial Export Controls

  • 关键控制概念
  • Comparison to International Controls
  • Export Administration Regulations
  • Bureau of Industry and Security

Items and Persons Subject to U.S. 管辖范围内

  • 对“U”的管制.S. 人”
  • 对U的管制.S. Origin Hardware, Software and 技术数据
  • 对非欧盟的管制.S. Manufactured Items Containing US Origin Content
  • U.S. De Minimis Content Calculation

Export Classification and Export Determination

  • ECCN分类
  • “No License Required” Determination
  • License Exception Determination
  • Red Flag, Denied Party and Proliferation Screening
  • New China Military Catch-All Rule
  • 许可证要求

US Embargo and 耳朵 Special Country Controls

  • Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC)
  • OFAC Comprehensive Embargoed Countries: Iran, Sudan and Cuba
  • OFAC Licensing and Approval Policy
  • 耳朵 Special Country Controls: Syria, and North Korea
  • Control Status of Libya, Iraq and Palestine
  • Specially Designated Nationals

耳朵 Antiboycott Regulations

  • 介绍
  • Relationship to Arab League Boycott on Israel and other Boycotts
  • Applicability to Transactions Outside the U.S.
  • Prohibitions and Exceptions
  • 报告要求


  • List Shifts: Military Items Changing from ITAR to 耳朵 管辖范围内
  • 新型600系列eccn
  • New “Specially Designed” Definition (耳朵 & ITAR)
  • Handling Existing 许可证 & 批准
  • Transitioning to New Rules


  • How US Rules are Enforced Outside the U.S.
  • Corporate and Personal Fines and Penalties
  • 执法个案研究
  • 防止违反


  • Considerations for Developing a Corporate Export Compliance Program
  • Types of Procedural Approaches
  • U.S. Government Compliance Program Recommendations

技术数据 Considerations

  • Controls on Physical and Intangible Data
  • Deemed Exports and Reexports
  • Third Country National Considerations
  • Emailed Data, Server Access and Downloads